Remembering Malibu Creek State Park

Garett sits in a field wearing headphones with the
Recording one of my first 3D Soundscapes for Travelear in a field in Malibu Creek State Park, November 2016.

The Woolsey Fire is now 100% contained but it has burnt a large portion of the Santa Monica mountains where Malibu Creek State Park resides. The fire has left the land, ecosystem, and soundscape changed forever. It will recover in time but it will never be the same. This is one of the reasons I started Travelear with my long time friend Nick, because I know our world is changing.

I wanted to create a library of 3D Soundscapes of places that would one day no longer be here. Malibu Creek State Park is an unfortunate example of the inevitable.

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New 3D Soundscapes – Barton Springs

I’ve got 2 new 3D Soundscapes on the Travelear app this week, “Barton Springs Sunny Day” and “Barton Springs Rainy Day”. The sounds of dogs barking, families playing in the water and people cooling off on a hot day are the essential sounds of summer in Austin, Texas. Listen for free by downloading the Travelear app here.

Stay tuned to our social media for Soundscape Sundays and hear about our latest releases!

Barton Springs 3D Soundscapes

New 3D Soundscape on the Santa Monica Airport and how I Recorded it

“Santa Monica Airport” is the new 3D Soundscape on the Travelear app this week. You can hear helicopters and planes fly over your head and then land right in front of you. I also recorded the Air Traffic Control radio traffic in real time so you can hear the pilots and tower talk as aircraft fly around. It’s a pretty cool experience.

I also made a video on how I made the 3D Soundscape. I cover location, gear, setup, and creating the 3D field. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to help, cheers!

Download the Travelear app for free here 

Recording a Winter Forest 3D Soundscape

Last February I journeyed to upstate New York in a quest for the solitude of a quiet woodsy soundscape.  It was a long drive, freezing, snowing, and the dead of winter but it was worth it.  It was here in Indian Lake that I captured the sound of a very active and snowy forest.

I also made a video on how I recorded this soundscape, discussing the fundamentals and equipment I used to do it. Click below for the video, then go listen to the finished 3D Soundscape on the Travelear app. Enjoy!

Recording Live Music in 3D Audio: The Orchestras of Venice Italy

Garett and 3D Audio gear
3D Audio recording in Venice!

If there was a particular 3D soundscape that I want to record more of, it would be live music.  In the summer of 2016 my girlfriend and I took a trip to Italy and in the city of Venice I got my opportunity. On a late humid afternoon I hauled my 3D audio gear and my girlfriend to St. Mark’s Square.

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Venice Italy: A Quick Guide to the Above Ground Italian Atlantis

Lauren enjoying a mid-day Spritzer from a cafe next to one of the Venice canals.
Lauren enjoying a mid-day Spritzer next to the canal.

In August of 2016 my girlfriend and I bought tickets to Italy on a whim with no plan of action. I took my 3D Audio gear and an outdated guide book and we were off! We did four cities on our tour of Italy (Ravello, Rome, Florence, and Venice). We were flying back to London from Venice so we ending up staying longer then I would have wanted. It was the height of the summer, hot as Hades and expensive as heck. Overall we had a great time so let’s talk about what you need to know about this above ground Italian Atlantis!

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Travel Hack: How we flew Business Class from Boston to London for $44

7 hour flight to Europe in the lap of Swiss luxury!

A Brief Intro: I travel a lot for work and the companies I work for pay for my flights. So of course I take advantage of every opportunity to earn miles with the major airlines (Delta, American, United, Southwest, etc). Doing so helps me to earn free flights so I can keep on exploring the world and recording 3D Soundscapes for Travelear. When I can hack it, I fly business class.

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The Question for the Future of VR: What is 3D Audio?

If someone asked you the question of what Virtual Reality (VR) was, you would probably say “its the thing with the headset and I’ve seen youtube videos of people freaking out while wearing them.” That’s not a bad description. Now, what if someone asked you what 3D Audio was? You probably wouldn’t have an answer. That’s ok, most people I’ve asked don’t know either. Fear not, I’ve got the answer and the explanation.

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Here we GO!

Hurray! Our blog is up! Special thanks to our lead programmer Nick for (finally) creating the blog section. Spoiler: my coding/web development skills are not very good so I’m often at the mercy of the more knowledgeable. I know I can always learn but spare time is rare, and who wants to learn web development when they can learn about 3D Audio!

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