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Hey Travelears! Our new update is out, we are pleased to present Travelear 1.2! It took a couple months of planning, design, workflow, time, sweat, and tears but we finally got the app to its next stage. We’ve made a couple improvements and added some very cool new features.

New Look – We changed the overall color scheme and layout of the app to make it more sleek and comfortable to use.

Favorites Playlist – You can now create a customizable playlist of your favorite 3D Audio tracks! Adding tracks to your playlist is easy, just press the 3 dot button to open the menu and select “Add to Favorites”. To view, edit, and play your playlist, go the star button on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Swipe left to delete a track or press the title of a track to start your playlist from there. My personal sleep time playlist is a an alternating mix of Thunder Porch and Porch Rain, I love it!

Play Next – Add tracks to your queue that won’t be added to your playlist, this is a great way to explore all of the content we have.

Enhanced Player – When you choose a track you can now press the up arrow on the far left of the navigation bar to expand the player revealing more details about the location your going to. The player also now has a forward and back button that will allow you to move back and forth within your Play Next and Favorites playlists. Your favorite Loop button is still there on the right side. The 3 dot button is also on the right side to open the sub-menu.

Sharing – You can now share your favorite track to your friends and family! By using the 3 dot button you can press the “Share” button and you will be prompted how you want to share that track. If the recepient of the message doesn’t have Travelear yet they’ll be be taken to the App Store to download it. If they do have Travelear they’ll be taken directly to that track and you both can enjoy it!

Improved Map – The map is now a satellite view so you can get a better visual of the environment your experiencing! Feel free to browse around and visit different parts of the world within the map and explore new content.

Your other favorite features such as Search and List are still there to help you navigate through the app and find the 3D Soundscapes that will give you the immersive experience you want. Remember to wear your headphones!

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