How to use the Travelear 3D Audio app: 5 easy keys

The Travelear 3D Audio app was created to let people explore the world through 3D soundscapes. At the core is our relentless loyalty to quality and a genuine organic experience for the listener. With that strength we are always pushing to create a better design to help our listeners journey to different destinations using 3D audio.

I’ll be your tour guide around the app and help you figure out what’s what.

The latest version of the Travelear app (v1.21) allows our listeners to plan their audio travels easier. We’ve put more of a focus on the map and playlists. If you like a track you can add it to your favorites and start creating your own 3D audio tour. Or line up your listen list by adding tracks to your “Play Next” queue.

I encourage you to use all the features as much as possible and figure out which works best for you. Use this tools to explore the world and visit a place you’ve never been or pick a destination you’d like to revisit.

Below are 5 keys that will help guide you through the app. The guide shown is on an ipad but the Travelear app is the same on all iOS devices. Also please excuse my Photoshop skills, Nick is our graphic designer but you will get the idea.  

Travelear App Guide 1/5


Travelear App Guide 2/5
Travelear App Guide 3/5
Travelear App Guide 4/5
Travelear App Guide 5/5

If you still have questions or feedback (not about my graphic designs skills) please drop me a line at

Download the latest version of the Travelear App.

Follow me as I document recording 3D audio soundscapes and updates to our app on Instagram.

Enjoy and remember to wear your headphones!


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