Remembering Malibu Creek State Park

Garett sits in a field wearing headphones with the
Recording one of my first 3D Soundscapes for Travelear in a field in Malibu Creek State Park, November 2016.

The Woolsey Fire is now 100% contained but it has burnt a large portion of the Santa Monica mountains where Malibu Creek State Park resides. The fire has left the land, ecosystem, and soundscape changed forever. It will recover in time but it will never be the same. This is one of the reasons I started Travelear with my long time friend Nick, because I know our world is changing.

I wanted to create a library of 3D Soundscapes of places that would one day no longer be here. Malibu Creek State Park is an unfortunate example of the inevitable.

While the Woolsey Fire has not been the worst Los Angeles has faced, it has definitely taken from us much of the nature and wildlife the city had to offer.

Aerial shot looking down onto the a massive fire burning the Santa Monica Mountains.
The fire during it’s peak in the Santa Monica Mountains. Source: LA Times. 

The park was one of my favorite places to hike and mountain bike, by myself and with my girlfriend Lauren Bissett. Amongst the damage the fire has caused to California and the lives it has taken, the burning of Malibu Creek State Park hits me the hardest.

A charred field with a couple trees in Malibu Creek State Park.
Some of the aftermath of the fire. Source: Twitter.

I was fortunate enough to record three 3D Soundscapes there and I encourage you to take a listen and know what this wonderful place used to sound like.

A collage of three pictures from malibu creek state park listing the 3D Soundscapes Forest Story, Lost in the Forest, and Birds in the Forest.
These 3D Soundscapes will always be available on the Travelear app.

You can listen for free on the Travelear app by downloading here.

Garett stands in a field wearing headphones holding the 3D microphone in the air.
Recording back in November 2016, this place where I stood is now charred to the ground.

Take only pictures and sound, leave only footprints.


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